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Lead, Asbestos, OSHA and Arc Flash Courses

Lead RRP Renovator Initial Course (8 hours)

This class meets the EPA New Criteria for the policy that went into effect April 2010!  We were one of the first companies in the country to be approved to teach this course and have taught over 10,000 people since 2009.

 This course is designed to educate students how to work in a lead safe manner.  This course meets HUD's requirement for 1 day lead safe training.  This course is required before attending the Lead Abatement Work Course.  No abatement work can be conducted by attending this course by itself. 

Topics covered: background of lead, health effects, regulations, interim controls, and cleanup, disposal and cleaning verification.  This course has a significant portion of hands-on instruction - everyone will participate in the hands-on.  Plus we teach efficient ways to implement this rule that you cannot learn anywhere else.

Important reminder:  One person per crew needs to complete this course for any renovations involving pre-1978 homes, HUD projects or Day Care facilities. 

We offer this course in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin.  Call if you have a group of 7 or more people - we will bring the class to you:  608-318-2266.

Lead RRP Renovator Refresher Course (4 hours)

This class meets the EPA RRP rule criteria for refresher training.  In Illinois and Indiana, this class is required every 5 years.  You must take this class before the 5 year anniversary of when you took the initial training class.  Your training date will appear on your training certificate if you took the course in Illinois or Indiana.  If you are registered in the state of Wisconsin, your training date is on your "blue card".

OSHA Lead training (one day)

OSHA requires annual training for those who are occupationally exposed to lead.  The "Lead in General Industry" rule reads as follows: 
        "The employer shall train each employee who is subject to exposure to lead at or 
        above the action level, or for whom the possibility of skin or eye irritation exists, 
        in accordance with the requirements of this section. The employer shall institute 
        a training program and ensure employee participation in the program."

It is very likely you will fall into this category if you do any of the following:    
Demolition , dry sanding, cutting painted metal, welding, soldering, cutting metal water pipes,  working with roof flashing, refinishing wood surfaces, abrasive blasting.

OSHA recently fined an Illinois company $53,000 for not following these rules.

In this one-day course, we cover the following topics:

  • OSHA rules:  “Lead in General Industry” & “Lead in Construction”
  • Respirators:  Selection, Fitting, Use, and Maintenance.
  • Hands-on practice cleaning respirators
  • Regulations:  OSHA, EPA, NIOSH.
  • Creating a medical surveillance  program
  • Best Work Practices.
NOTE:  This OSHA lead training is NOT a part of the EPA curriculum for the RRP rule.

Asbestos Operations & Maintenance Initial Course (16 hours)

This course is designed to meet the requirements of CLASS III (3) asbestos work. This course is important for anyone working in a school, doing small remodeling projects or who will supervise maintenance workers.

 Topics include: 
        The history, science and health effects of asbestos;
        Necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
        Hands-on practice - Glovebagging, Mini-enclosures, repairs and maintaining a respirator;
        Federal/State/Local regulations - especially OSHA regulations.

This 2-day course is needed by just about everyone working in construction, remodeling or demolition.  It includes about 4 hours of hands-on training.

Asbestos Supervisor Initial Course (40 hours)

This course is designed for people that are going to conduct asbestos abatement.  If you are planning on starting an asbestos abatement company or on becoming an independent contractor - this five day class is what you want to take first.  This also works well for both workers and supervisors, since anyone successfully completing this training is qualified to be in charge of a work site.

Topics include: 
        The history, science and health effects of asbestos, 
        Necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), 
        Abatement methods and options (including Glovebagging), 
        Federal/State/Local regulations, 
        Decontamination (including a "hands-on" demo),
        Disposal, air monitoring and Clearance,
        Legal, Insurance and Recordkeeping for Asbestos Abatement projects.

This 5-day course is our most popular Asbestos course.  It includes over 2 days of hands-on training.

Asbestos Supervisor Refresher Course (8 hours)

This course one-day course is required every year for people with Asbestos Supervisor Certification.  We use experienced instructors who have many years of experience to help answer your questions.
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