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Lead Con '20  (a Wisconsin Lead Conference)

What is the conference about?

In 2020, there will be new efforts and new funding for lead reduction in Wisconsin.  In a typical year, about $3 million was available for lead reduction activities in Wisconsin.  In 2020 over $14 million dollars will be available for these efforts.  For local governments, this is an opportunity to help a lot more homeowners, landlords and tenants with Lead Hazards.  For contractors, this is an opportunity to do a lot more Lead Paint work.

We are having two, one-day conferences to answer questions about these new opportunities that are vital to landlords, abatement contractors, and renovators that want to step up to the world of lead abatement and assist with the Wisconsin Lead reduction efforts.

Both conferences days will have the same agenda. 

Conference Dates:

Jan 10, 2020 Brookfield, WI
          To register: Call 414-481-9070

Jan 24, 2020 Green Bay, WI

8:00am - 2:30pm each day
        You will receive 2.5 DCQ credits!

    $45 per person registration (includes a great lunch)


Title: Join the Winning Team How to successfully bid on government-funded lead-safe renovation and abatement projects.

Speaker: Liz Evans Manager, Lead Safe Homes Program plus a representative from the CDBG program

Synopsis: In 2020 many of these programs will benefit from increased funding:  Lead-Safe Homes Program, the Community Development Block Grant dollars CDBG Lead and Healthy Housing programs.  What are their requirements, and how do you get on the list of contractors able to bid on these?  This talk will be important to everyone attending.


Title: You’ll get paid more, but you gotta do it right! The Top Ten reasons for Lead and Asbestos Enforcement

SpeakersDan McClung, Ben James 
Synopsis: Lead-Paint Rule overview, how DHS gets complaints, and the common things inspectors see.

Title: Work Lead Safe and Keep it Up! Why do we care so much about lead? An overview of the health effects of lead exposure in adults and children.

Speakers: Kristi Tennie DHS Environmental Health Specialist 

Reghan Walsh DHS Public Health Educator with CLPPP


Title: Get the Inside Story Before your Competitors Do: DHS 163 and EPA Rule Changes.

Speaker: Miriam Hasan, Unit Supervisor with the  Asbestos and Lead Certification Unit, WI DHS.

Synopsis: Quick overview of what’s coming in the updated DHS 163 rule as well as EPA’s changes to the clearance

Title: Contractors, Risk Assessments and Water What they all have in common.

Speaker: Jeff Raiche Gill Environmental Health Specialist WI DHS  Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Synopsis: Requirements are changing for Risk Assessments – there will be more focus on water.  What do contractors need to know about these changes, and Risk Assessments in general?

Walk-in registration welcome!

Who Should Attend?

This conference was conceived as a way for contractors and property owners to learn about the new lead reduction efforts in Wisconsin.  It will also be an opportunity for contractors to talk to Health Department officials that will need more contractors to do this work. 

          Lead Inspectors, Hazard Investigators and Risk Assessors should attend to learn how they can benefit from the additional projects created by the new grants and to learn about new dust levels for Hazard Assessment and Clearance.

This will also be beneficial for county/city health officials that want to learn more about the new Wisconsin lead grant and to talk to companies that could potentially complete your lead reduction projects.

Concerned citizens that want to know more about what is being done about lead poisoning caused by lead in pipes and lead paint in buildings.

Conference Topics: 

  • $14 million Grant for Lead Abatement Projects
  • Governors Ever's executive order on    Lead Poisoning reduction
  • New version of DHS 163 - the Wisconsin Department of Health Services rule for Lead Paint
  • New HUD/EPA clearance and risk assessment levels
  • New Regulations on Methylene Chloride
  • State of the Industry: Discussion of industry issues

Industry Professionals:

Representatives from companies such as Esca-Tech, Fiberlock and local abatement companies.

Talk to factory representatives from XRF manufacturers.

Vendor tables available at NO CHARGE with one paid    registration


Continuing Education Credits:

NARI has approved this conference for 6 continuing education credits.

 You will receive 2.5 DCQ credits for your attendance!

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