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Asbestos, Lead, OSHA and Electrical Safety Training Specialists

Upcoming Classes

9/25         Lead Safe Renovator Refresher                                      Milwaukee WI
9/26         Lead Safe Renovator Initial                                            Madison WI
9/27         Asbestos Supervisor Refresher                                       Madison WI
9/28         Asbestos Inspector Refresher                                         Madison WI
10/2         Asbestos Inspector Refresher                                         Madison WI
10/2         Lead Safe Renovator Initial                                            Milwaukee WI
10/2         Lead Sampling Technician Initial                                     Madison WI
10/3         Lead Abatement Worker Initial                                       Milwaukee WI
10/3-4      Lead Inspector Initial                                                     Madison WI
10/4         Lead Safe Renovator Refresher                                       Milwaukee WI
10/4-6      Lead Abatement Supervisor Initial                                  Milwaukee WI
10/5-6      Lead Hazard Investigator Initial                                      Madison WI
10/7         Asbestos Supervisor Refresher                                        Madison WI
10/9         Lead Abatement Worker Refresher                                  Milwaukee WI
10/9         Exterior Asbestos Worker Initial                                      Milwaukee WI
10/10       Arc Flash Electrical Safety                                               Madison WI
10/10       Silica Competent Person                                                  Madison WI
10/10       Exterior Asbestos Supervisor Initial                                  Milwaukee WI
10/11       Lead Abatement Supervisor Refresher                              Milwaukee WI
10/11       Exterior Asbestos Supervisor Refresher                             Madison WI
10/12       Asbestos Supervisor Refresher                                         Milwaukee WI
10/12       Asbestos Designated Person                                             Madison WI
10/13       Asbestos Inspector Refresher                                           Milwaukee WI
10/13       Asbestos Management Planner Refresher                          Milwaukee WI
10/16-18  Asbestos Inspector Initial                                                Madison WI
10/16-20  Asbestos Supervisor Initial                                              Milwaukee WI




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