Each crew must have at least one Lead Abatement Supervisor onsite at all times.

Lead Abatement Worker Refresher CEU Credits available Back to top

Required every 2 years

Fee: $250 per person

Class time 8:00am-5:00pm

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Lead Abatement Supervisor Course CEU Credits Available Back to top

This course teaches students how to facilitate a lead abatement project. Topics include: occupant protection plans, inspection and risk assessment report interpretation, project management, legal and lnsurance, federal, state and local regulations, as well as hands-on activities. OSHA topics such as lead in construction, respirators, personal protective clothing, worksite safety. This course is recommended for property owners/management as well as home improvement contractors and others disturbing lead paint. In virtually all situations, a Lead Supervisor is needed ON SITE for abatement jobs. At least one Lead Supervisor is recommended for each company. Most companies have over 50% of their staff trained as lead supervisors. .

Fee: $525 per person

Class time 8:00am-5:00
Lead Safe Renovator and Lead Abatement Work courses are pre-requisites